Sacramento Bee, Bakersfield Californian Urge No on 61

“Drug pricing is too complex to fix with Prop. 61” — Sacramento Bee

“Californians could and likely would suffer if Prop. 61 passes” — Bakersfield Californian

SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento Bee and Bakersfield Californian, the first two papers to weigh in on Prop. 61, both urged voters to reject the flawed drug contracting measure on the November ballot.

From the Sacramento Bee editorial:

  • “The initiative comes with too many uncertainties and not enough guarantees that things won’t get worse.”
  • “The only thing we can predict with any certainty is that if Proposition 61 passes, it will be tied up in court for years to come.”

From the Bakersfield Californian editorial:

  • “But, regrettably, the measure falls short and should be defeated.”
  • “Either way, Californians could and likely would suffer if Prop. 61 passes.”


Prop. 61 is a deceptive, deeply-flawed measure that would be bad for patients, harmful for veterans and expensive for taxpayers. It will increase prescription drug costs, jeopardize patient access to medicines and result in more bureaucracy, red tape and lawsuits. It also would take away a special prescription drug benefit promised to our veterans. Nearly 150 organizations oppose Prop. 61.