San Francisco Chronicle Recommends No on 61

“This measure contains too much risk”

SACRAMENTO– The San Francisco Chronicle evaluated Prop. 61 and recommended voters reject the flawed drug contracting measure on November’s ballot.

The San Francisco Chronicle joins the Sacramento BeeSan Jose Mercury NewsFresno BeeEast Bay Times, Bakersfield Californian and other newspapers urging their readers to vote No on 61

From the Chronicle editorial

  • “… an array of consumer and health-advocate organizations that have no love for the pharmaceutical industry are opposed to Prop. 61.”
  • “A link between Medi-Cal and the VA is not necessarily a good corollary; their respective patient bases have different demographics and medical needs. Also, the fear of reduced access to certain drugs is legitimate.”
  • “This measure contains too much risk, with too many lives dependent on access to life-sustaining drugs. We cannot support its passage.”


Prop. 61 is a deceptive, deeply-flawed measure that would be bad for patients, harmful for veterans and expensive for taxpayers. It will increase prescription drug costs, jeopardize patient access to medicines and result in more bureaucracy, red tape and lawsuits. It also would take away a special prescription drug benefit promised to our veterans. More than 150 organizations oppose Prop. 61.