More Editorial Boards Say “No” to Prop. 61

San Jose Mercury News, Fresno Bee, & East Bay Times latest to urge voters to oppose flawed Prop. 61

SACRAMENTO – The San Jose Mercury NewsFresno Bee and East Bay Times are the latest editorial boards to weigh in and reject Proposition 61 on the November ballot. They join the Sacramento Bee and the Bakersfield Californian that also urge No on 61.

From the San Jose Mercury News

  • “It takes more than good intentions to make a ballot measure worth passing.”
  • “But nobody can say definitively how this proposition would play out, or how it would affect the availability of some life-saving drugs. Don’t take a chance. Vote no on Prop. 61.”

From the Fresno Bee

  • “Drug pricing is too complex to fix with Prop. 61.”
  • “…this is an all-too-simplistic solution to a complicated issue.”

From the East Bay Times

  • “Vote no on prescription drug measure.”
  • “A VA analysis concludes that Prop 61 could cost veterans $3.8 billion more every year. No wonder every significant veterans organization in the state opposes the ballot measure.”


Prop. 61 is a deceptive, deeply-flawed measure that would be bad for patients, harmful for veterans and expensive for taxpayers. It will increase prescription drug costs, jeopardize patient access to medicines and result in more bureaucracy, red tape and lawsuits. It also would take away a special prescription drug benefit promised to our veterans. More than 150 organizations oppose Prop. 61.